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type: documentation
stylelint: Advocate support through opencollective rather than bountysource
I think we should try, many people are interested in helping open source software. As my practice showed with `webpack` it really works and people ready to help. Due to small financing, we can make our product better. It will also be good to add this information to the `README` in a visible place and on the site so that more people know that they can help. /cc @stylelint/core
debugger.html: [Sources] style webpack icon
We recently added webpack icons in the source tree in #2745. It would be great to style it a bit better: 1. adjust it's position and size 2. start using Atom's webpack logo which is simpler How to get atom's icon? Open atom find the webpack icon in the tree (see debugger.html) and open the inspector `<cmd>+<option>+i`. We'd like to style the other icons soon as well so it's okay if this one st
ember-cli: Use "yarn —non-interactive"
yarn v0.22.0 introduced a `—non-interactive` command line option that we should probably be using during `ember install` etc.
type: enhancement
stylelint: Deprecate `function-url-data-uris` in favor of `function-url-scheme-blacklist`
<!-- Please answer the following questions. Issues that don't use this template will be closed. --> > Describe the issue. Is it a bug or a feature request (new rule, new option, etc.)? Deprecated `function-url-data-uris` in favor `function-url-scheme-blacklist`. > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? If i enable `function-url-data-uris` it is disable use `data` in url, but i c
babel-preset-env: Easier way to exclude/include (especially builtIns)
Context: Docs for the include/exclude options: Example: --- This is a bit more involved, but still basically the gist is changing indexOf to handle regex. This is mostly for built-ins. There's a lot of them:
Has PR
babel: [7.0] Tests: switch to jest
I think we are using like 3 different testing frameworks and would like to move to use the same one for all projects? I believe the team agreed with choosing jest a good base (and is possible since we have dropped node 0.10/0.12 in 7.0). Not sure how difficult this is but shouldn't be too bad and we can help. - [ ] Comment below you are going to do this (for others to know) - [ ] Read [CONT
Needs Reproduction
Query Params
ember.js: queryParams not working if the locationType is set to hash
I'm unable to access ember queryParams when the locationType in the environment.js file set to hash. Below is how my controller and route are setup //controllers/application.js export default Ember.Controller.extend({ queryParams:['qp1','qp2'] }); //routes/application.js model : function(params) { console.log('queryParams1': +par
Ready for PR
ember-cli: Config is encoded to meta tag with deprecated `escape` method
The relevant line is here in [lib/broccoli/ember-app.js]( Calling `decodeURIComponent` on this config string can fail if UTF-8 characters are used. The `encodeURIComponent` method should be used instead. I will gladly PR a fix but wanted to open an issue first as this is a break
debugger.html: [FunctionSearch] clear query after selecting an item
Currently we don't clear the query when you select a function from the function list. ### Patch ```diff diff --git a/src/components/Editor/SearchBar.js b/src/components/Editor/SearchBar.js index 7a4c581..1cd458c 100644 --- a/src/components/Editor/SearchBar.js +++ b/src/components/Editor/SearchBar.js @@ -410,6 +410,9 @@ const SearchBar = React.createClass({ line: item.location.start.line
Has PR
ember.js: [Project Svelte] Deprecation Introduction Hitlist
## Wanted We need to know in which versions of Ember these deprecations were introduced. Please simply report the version a specific id was introduced. To ensure that we don't have overlapping efforts, please state what deprecation you are investigating before you do the work. ## Why With the eventual introduction of Svelte builds, there will be a mechanism to say "strip out any code for de
type: option
stylelint: Add except: ["first-nested-and-blockless"] option to at-rule-empty-line-before
> Describe the issue. Is it a bug or a feature request (new rule, new option, etc.)? If this rule checked for `@media` or perhaps an end brace: ```css @media screen and (min-width: 480px) { ``` It would allow syntax like this not to need to be ignored with `/* stylelint-disable-line */`. > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? at-rule-empty-line-before > What CSS is nee
ava: Version warning when only local version is behind.
If the global version is up to date, but the local version is behind, you still get an error message telling you to update, but it recommends using the `-g` flag.
Ready for PR
ember-cli: Generate integration test by default for helper blueprint
As per the conversation [here](, convert the helper-test blueprint to generate an integration test by default (like the [component blueprint](
Has PR
ember.js: Allow running acceptance tests without jQuery
As part of the work of the work performed in to provide consistent jquery-free test helpers that work both in integration and acceptance I've found that acceptance tests don't work without jQuery. The reason for that is (at least) this file:
Has PR
babel: Make babel-node a standalone package (similar to babel-register)
> Ref This would be similar to how we used to have `babel-core/register` -> `babel-register` I guess we don't have to remove `babel-node` from babel-cli unless we want to make that breaking change.. cc @JonnyBurger (can you transfer me the npm package (@hzoo)) --- - [ ] Commen
ember.js: [EPIC] Decouple Ember tests from the globals resolver
![]( (lifted some of this introduction from [#15055]( The Ember test suite is very coupled to the default globals-mode resolver. For example: - Tests often make a controller available to an application as `App.FooController` - Tests often use `setTemplates` to set a te
Tag: Documentation
lerna: Document the packages option better
Ref Maybe add some more examples or usecases common one is people wanting to use the root as a package so you would say `"."` in
ava: Recipe for using a plain function instead of `beforeEach` hook
In many cases you could just use a plain function instead of a `beforeEach` hook. In the below case it's both more clear and less code. ``` js import test from 'ava'; const setup = () => { doStuff(); return { unicorn: fn('unicorn') rainbow: fn('rainbow') }; } test('foo', t => { const {unicorn, rainbow} = setup(); t.true(unicorn('foo')); t.true(rainbow('f
vue: Interpolation fails on inline string containing HTML
As demonstrated in [this fiddle](, the following is interpreted literally: ``` html <p>{{{ '<strong>hello</strong> world' }}}</p> ``` Instead, I would expect it to produce: ``` html <p><strong>hello</strong> world</p> ``` This also occurs with normal interpolation (`{{ }}`).
debugger.html: Outline View
This issue tracks our progress towards being able to ship an Outline View in the left sidebar. There are lots of small tidy up tickets here that anyone can grab #### Checklist - [x] [OutlineView] Navigation #2563 - [ ] [Parser] get function params #2735 - [ ] adding an "Outline" label in the header - [ ] Switching the footer toggle button to tabs - [ ] Replace blue bullet with something better
babel-preset-env: PSA: ask other preset repos (if they are willing) to deprecate in favor of this preset
There were a few reasons we finally started preset-env (much in One of the reasons was similar to the problem that presets never had the ability to provide it's own options. After we added options to preset-es2015 (loose mode, modules: false for webpack, etc), it removed the need for presets like `preset-es2015-loose` and `preset-es2015-webpack` and even
fela: [fela-plugin-layout-debugger] Use styles-debugger package
We should use the [styles-debugger]( module for advanced layout debugging.
debugger.html: [Preview] Popup should have a soft drop shadow
We currently don't have a drop shadow and as a result it can be tough to see where the popup ends... It kinda bleeds into the pause line in this case <img src='' title='Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.21.06 AM.png' width=646>
debugger.html: [CodeFolding] gap on a paused line
When code folding is on there i a gap in the gutter for paused lines. We can likely fix this by adding the same background color for code fold space when we're paused. You can turn on code folding in the launchpad settings pane. ![](
yo: Suggestion for installing scoped generator is wrong
## Type of issue Bug <!-- Please delete the rest of the template in case of a feature request --> ---- ## My environment * *OS version/details*: `Windows 10 64-bit` * *Node version:* `6.1.0` * *npm version:* `4.5.0` * *Version of yo :* `1.8.5` ## Expected behavior Attempting to run a scoped generator (e.g. `yo @somescope/somegen`) should tell the user how to install it if i
type: bug
stylelint: False positives for spaceless multiplication and division in calc functions in unit-no-unknown
A calc throw a unit no unknown error. > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? `unit-no-unknown` > What CSS is needed to reproduce this issue? ```css a { top: calc(1px+2px); } ``` > What stylelint configuration is needed to reproduce this issue? e.g. ```json { "rules": { "unit-no-unknown": true } } ``` > Which version of stylelint are you using?
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tag: new feature
babel: --copy-files doesn't copy dot-files
### Input Code <!--- If you're describing a bug, please let us know which sample code reproduces your problem --> <!--- If you have link to our REPL or a standalone repo please link that! --> ```js // A folder with dot-files (from dotenv NPM) config/.env config/.env.required ``` ### Babel Configuration (.babelrc, package.json, cli command) <!--- If describing a bug, tell us what your
ember-cli: Windows Symlink / Windows Creators edition
--- Output from `ember version --verbose && npm --version && yarn --version`: ``` ember-cli: 2.13.2 http_parser: 2.7.0 node: 6.9.4 v8: uv: 1.9.1 zlib: 1.2.8 ares: 1.10.1-DEV icu: 57.1 modules: 48 openssl: 1.0.2j os: win32 x64 3.10.10 0.19.1 ``` When I run Ember serve I'm greeted with the message 'Running without permission to symlink will degrade build performance
ava: We should have some tests for our benchmark scripts
non-standard syntax: less
status: wip
type: bug
stylelint: False positives for at-variables prefixed with negative sign in value-keyword-case
<!-- Please answer the following questions. Issues that don't use this template will be closed. --> > Describe the issue. Is it a bug or a feature request (new rule, new option, etc.)? bug > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? value-keyword-case > What CSS is needed to reproduce this issue? ```less .foo { width: @myWidth; height: -@myHeight; margin: 0 - @myMar
Breaking Change
TypeScript: Octal escape sequences should be a lexical/syntactic error in strict mode and ES5
The following code should be disallowed in strict mode and ES5: ``` "\5"; "\05"; "\55"; "\055"; ``` This is disallowed by Annex B.1.2 of the EcmaScript 5 spec.
lerna: Lerna should error when provided an invalid command
``` $ lerna boostrap ``` ## Expected Behavior ``` lerna: invalid command "boostrap" ``` Exit code non-zero. ## Current Behavior No output. Exit code zero. ## Context We had a build script with a lerna command misspelled that took us way too long to diagnose due to lerna quietly exiting. ## Your Environment | Executable | Version | | ---: | :--- | | `lerna --version`
debugger.html: [Preview] Highlight expression yellow
We currently have a very soft grey match highlight. We should make it pop with either a yellow background like chrome or some other strategy like underlying the token. #### Screenshot <img src='' title='Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.44.23 PM.png' width=472> #### Chrome <img src='http
Ready for PR
ember-cli: Fix up test issues
Various Test issues that we've noticed - `retries: 2` can cause the wrong assertions to be displayed, eg it breaks caching (like warn first time kinds of assertions) - yuidoc run and parsed at test-eval time instead of `beforeEach`; this slows down tdd for other tests by several seconds cc @rwjblue
lerna: `lerna init` should prompt for a packages location and create any directories specified
<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> ## Expected Behavior <!--- If you're describing a bug, tell us what should happen --> <!--- If you're suggesting a change/improvement, tell us how it should work --> Lerna should create an empty `packages/` directory when running `lerna init` as described in the README. ## Current Behavior <!--- If describing a bug, te
yo: Improve error message when you do `yo generator-foo`
I'm new to yeoman and missed that you use the generator- prefix when installed the package from npm, but NOT when you run the generator. Try to run `yo generator-foo` and you get the standard error message when the generator is not installed: `You don’t seem to have a generator with the name “generator-gulp-sass-livereload” installed.` But it seems like there could be some simple check to se
Has PR
pkg: generator
babel: Code Coverage: babel-generator
### Context When I was reviewing again I noticed we lost some code coverage in the PR. ![screen shot 2017-02-16 at 11 49 36 am]( ^ The red boxes are the places where coverage was decreased. I clicked on the red box to get ![screen shot 2017-02-16
babel: Option comments: false does not strip out flow comments (T7044)
> Issue originally made by @Gozala ### Bug information - **Babel version:** 6.4.5 - **Node version:** 4.2.1 - **npm version:** 2.14.7 ### Options ``` { "sourceMaps": "inline", "comments": false, "sourceRoot": "./src", "presets": [ "es2015" ], "plugins": [ "syntax-flow", "transform-flow-strip-types" ] } ``` ### Input code ``` js /* @flow */ /*:: im
Has PR
babel: Need --delete-dir-on-start or --delete-file-when-src-file-deleted option for babel --watch flag
### Babel Configuration (.babelrc, package.json, cli command) <!--- If describing a bug, tell us what your babel configuration looks like --> ```js { "presets": [ "flow", ["env", { "targets": { "node": true } }] ], "retainLines": true } ``` ### Watch Script ```js "watchToBuild": "babel app_flow --watch --out-dir app" ``` ### Expect
ember.js: [BUGFIX release] Fix classify for spaced strings
Resolves #13042
debugger.html: [Outline] We’re seeing children of Outline with the same key
We should fix this bug: > Each child in an array or iterator should have a unique "key" prop. Check the render method of `Outline`
type: option
stylelint: Add ignore: ["custom-properties"] option to length-zero-no-unit
A bug where using stylefmt with stylelint causes calc expressions to break > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? length-zero-no-unit > What CSS is needed to reproduce this issue? ```css .foo { --x: 0px; left: calc(300px - var(--x)); } ``` > What stylelint configuration is needed to reproduce this issue? ```yaml extends: stylelint-config-standard ``` > Whi
type: enhancement
stylelint: Deprecate selector-no-* rules in favour of selector-max-*
Ref: I did an audit of the 50 or so `-no-` rules. The good news is that it is only some the `selector-no-*` rules that are applying a limit and would be better suited as `-max-` rules. I believe these are: - [ ] `selector-no-attribute` -> `selector-max-attribute` ("attribute" is shorthand for _attribute selector**s**_) - [ ] `selector-no-c
styled-components: Consider adding a warnings for incorrect tagged template literal usage in development
I was adding styled-components to an app and global styles weren't showing up. There weren't any errors and it wasn't immediately obvious what I was doing wrong. It turned out I was using `injectGlobal` wrong: ```js // wrong: calling injectGlobal as a function. oops. injectGlobal(`html { color: red; }`) // correct: using a tagged template literal injectGlobal`html { color: red; }` ```
type: option
stylelint: Add ignoreProperties: [] option to value-keyword-case
<!-- Please answer the following questions. Issues that don't use this template will be closed. --> > Describe the issue. Is it a bug or a feature request (new rule, new option, etc.)? "A feature request" > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? `value-keyword-case` > What CSS is needed to reproduce this issue? ```css .elementWithCamelCaseName {} .element { composes
Domain: Error Messages
TypeScript: Confusing error message for await expression
<!-- BUGS: Please use this template. --> <!-- QUESTIONS: This is not a general support forum! Ask Qs at --> <!-- SUGGESTIONS: See --> **TypeScript Version:** 2.3.1 **Code** ```ts function foo() { await 1; } ``` **Expected behavior:**
Ready for PR
ember-cli: "ember install" with repo URL should guess package name from URL
Run ```command ember install "" ``` You will get the following warning line in the output. ``` WARNING: Could not figure out blueprint name from: "". Please install the addon blueprint via "ember generate <addon-name>" if necessary. ``` This comes from [here](https://gi
Has PR
babel: Add more tests for ignore and only
We've got a TODO here: our coverage for general ignore and only behavior is a little lacking.
type: bug
stylelint: Only the first element of the array whitelisted in media-feature-name-whitelist/blacklist
When array of future names defined for the `media-feature-name-whitelist` rule, only the first feature name of the array is whitelisted and errors reported for others. CSS to reproduce: ```css media only screen and (max-width: 1200px) { .ui-container { max-width: 1200px; margin: 0 auto; } } @media only screen and (min-width: 600px) { .ui-container { max-width: 60
ava: ava incorrectly ignores test files when the project itself is contained in node_modules directory
## Description I have two projects: * * Due to the nature of the projects (`process.pwd()` aware dependency resolution), it is not possible to link `isomorphic-webpack-demo` inside `isomorphic-webpack`. Therefore, I need to do: ```bash git clone
Has PR
tag: new feature
babel: Babel-cli: allow to install globally, with ability to invoke local babel
As many nodejs-related tools, it would be good to allow global babel-cli installation, which will invoke local (related to `process.cwd()`) babel installation. EDIT by @hzoo - [ ] Comment below you are going to do this (for others to know) - [ ] Read []( - [ ] [Join our slack]( if you haven't
mojs: Typescript declarations / usage
Hi, Is it possible to use your library directly with Typescript instead of Babel? Thanks!
type: bug
stylelint: False positives for pseudo classes in no-descending-specificity
Based on I'm using sass to develop css, I don't want to define the class (`.b`) without parents. however, it will happen error with this rule. is it(as below example) not usual for define class? but I still need this rule to validate the other situations. > Which rule, if any, is this issue related to? `no-descending-specificity` > What CSS is needed to reproduce this issue?
ember.js: Deprecate `didCreateRootView`
This was added for fastboot, but is no longer used. It also leaks the "top-level view" which is not really a thing anymore.
ava: --concurrency without value should fail
See `--concurrency` requires a value but you can run AVA without specifying it.
TypeScript: tsc fails to parse file with ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER or ZERO WIDTH JOINER
Using a file containing "\u200C" (<ZWNJ>) and "\u200D" (<ZWJ>), the compiler yields the following message: > (27,32): error TS1127: Invalid character. However, according to the spec, the two are valid _IdentifierPart_s. See: - -
styled-components: Add tests for preact-compat and inferno-compat
Not sure If this has been discussed already, but I think it would be great to see styled-components work with Preact, Inferno and other Virtual Dom implementations. Are there any thoughts regarding making styled-components JSX and especially React agnostic? I can help with this, if there is an interest in making this happen and a general idea on how to approach the topic.
Needs Tests
Ready for PR
ember-cli: Test Coverage Mega Thread
There are some areas that are missing test coverage. This will track any we find. This is a perfect place for new contributors to start understanding the code. Link pull requests next to its check mark. - [ ] We could use an "acceptance/addon-test.js" file, similar to ["acceptance/new-test.js"]( - [x] #5488 We need
debugger.html: [Framework Frames] Add libraries
We want to add as many libraries for to our new Framework Frames feature. Come add your library. It's very easy to add your library. Here's the ExtJS [PR](, which is a good prototype. #### Added - [x] Backbone - [x] jQuery - [x] React - [x] ExtJS - [x] Pub - [x] Express #### To Do List - [ ] Angular - [ ] Ember - [ ] Redux - [ ] Lodash
vue-cli: New template: `Webpack - Server-side rendering`
Vuejs 2.0 has 1 nice feature is server-side rendering. But setup this feature runs correctly somehow is too pain for newbie. So I think it's nice to add a new template support server-side rendering.
feature request
in progress
vue: Feature Request: Better warning message when a dynamic component is a fragment instance
When using `<component :is>` syntax, the fragment instance warning message `Attribute 'something' is ignored on component '<component>' because the component is a fragment instance` is confusing if I have multiple dynamic components in my app. I don't know which component it is coming from. Maybe the compileRoot method can check whether the tagName is 'component' and if so, use `` in t
ava: tape/tap transition guide
Would make migrating from tape easier if AVA & tape shared the same API. Below is the full list of `tape` apis that don't exist in AVA. Most of these would only require a simple alias e.g. `Test.prototype.deepEqual = Test.prototype.same` Though it's possible there's benefit in divorcing the tape API entirely & just keeping the current, simpler API. For example, not sure if it was ever a good ide
debugger.html: [SecondaryPane] Labels aren't aligned vertically
Current: The labels aren't exactly in middle ![bef]( Expected: ![af]( Here is a diff that can help ```diff diff --git a/src/components/shared/Accordion.css b/src/components/shared/Accor
nice 1st contribution
vue: Warn when component option should be an object, but is a function
### What problem does this feature solve? I often get mixed up on which properties of a component should be functions and which shouldn't, and mistakenly define some as functions when they should have been objects. In the opposite scenario, when a property that needs to be a function is instead an object, we already get a very helpful warning message: `[Vue warn]: The "data" option should be
in progress
yo: Updates for Tutorial(codelab)
Thanks for the easy-to-follow tutorial! A few minor discrepancies between the tutorial and actual response for update (totally not urgent, these did not prevent any functionality -- just wanted to help keep things current): On the following options in the CLI are missing from the tutorial page: "Which Continuous Integration platform do you want? (Pre
ember.js: Include resolve type in API documentation for Promise return types
The API documentation for functions that use promises list `Promise` as the return type for the function (e.g. documentation for [DS.Store.findAll]( While _technically_ correct, this is nearly useless from a documentation perspective, since it doesn't tell you what type the promise resolves to. This becomes more noticeable whe
Feature Request
react-native: Hope to add attribute ( keyboardType = numberSigned) to TextInput of android
In android,we can only choose keyboardType from 'default, numeric, email-address'. But when use the 'numeric' , react-native can't distinguish between integer and decimal ,but native android can. I hope you can modify this method -- setKeyboardType of ReactTextInputManager. Thanks! * Platform: [ Android] * Operating System: [ MacOS]
react-native: FormData L74 typeof value === 'object' allows null
### Description While using the FormData API I hit an ambiguous and frustrating error. The error was a type exception cannot read 'name' of null. After some digging I found that it was caused by one of JS's more annoying "features". That a plain null is considered an object in context to typeof. Here is the line number of the typeof
async-reactor: React Native support
This is just informative "issue" with React Native examples and instructions that can be used in documentation/readme later. If you are new to React Native, first follow this guideline from Facebook After installing React Native and all necessary SDKs, cd to directory you want to place your project and start new project (we wi
preact: Use of onInput in docs `onInput` is used to update state, but recommends avoiding `onInput` and using `onChange` instead. Might be worth changing to `onChange` or adding a note to explain why `onInput` should be used despite React's advice.
react-native: [TextInput] Get keydown event to handle "Enter"
Hello. I tried to catch keydown/keypress events for several hours with no luck. I can get whole .text string (onChange={}) but what if I need to do an action when "Enter/Backspace" are pressed? Is there any solution how to know which keyboard character was just pressed in TextInput keyboard? Thank you.
react-native: <Modal /> doesn't handle screen sizes and orientations properly
So today I was trying to refactor my code to migrate from a custom imperative `Modal` API to React Native's `<Modal />` and found some issues which made me write my own component in JS instead. - [x] Modal's height doesn't include the statusbar, so when the app has a translucent statusbar, Modal is drawn under the statusbar and there's empty space left at the bottom - [x] Modal is not responsive
react-native: Bug running Jest with ScrollView dependant components
### Description When running `npm run test`, the default tests `index.ios.js` and `` fail due to the following error: ``` TypeError: _this._scrollView.scrollTo is not a function at TabViewPagerScroll._this._scrollTo (node_modules/react-native-tab-view/src/TabViewPagerScroll.js:68:19) at TabViewPagerScroll.componentDidMount (node_modules/react-native-tab-v
react-native: Exponentiation operator inconstancy w/o remote debugger
### Description the exponentiation operator is functional with the remote debugger. Chrome understands the ** expression, but when the execution is done inside the app an uncatched error occurs: "Unhandled JS Exception: SyntaxError" ### Reproduction ``` render() { return ( <View> <Text>{3 ** 3}</Text> </View> ); ``` A) With "JS remote debugging" 27 is
react-native: [Android] Copy button in the redbox should also support Windows and Linux platforms
This is not a bug report but **Help Wanted**! I have added a new feature of adding copy button in the redbox for RN Android, which copies the error message and stack trace to the host (your laptop's) clipboard. Please see [Add Copy and Dismiss Button in RN Android Red Box]( and have a try on it! However it's
react-native: Document supported image formats for Image component
It isn't very clear from reading the documentation what image formats are supported by the Image component. We should be very explicit about it to avoid issues like
preact-compat: Missing documentation for browserify config
The readme instructions right now are missing for browserify. There's a section: but it yada-yadas over huge sections. 1. How do you order your Browserify transforms? You need to babelify it first so aliasify can parse the code, but you have to aliasify it first so browserify doesn't complain about missing packages 2. You can install
react-native: Setting styleAttr to "Inverse" in ProgressBarAndroid does not actually invert anything.
I have used ProgressBar and applied **styleAttr ="Inverse"**, but it still animating in clockwise direction just like its normal prgress does. I think it's animating behavior should be anticlockwise. Kindly check it or guide me if I have done something wrong.
async-reactor: Add examples
Basic async-reactor example for: - [x] React - [ ] Preact - [ ] Inferno and: - [ ] How to handle failures in component
react-native: Version 0.40.0 gives 12 issues in xcode
Straight from init a new project and opening it with Xcode and running it in the iOS simulator I get 12 issues in Xcode, and this is without changing any code. Did not get any issues with version 0.39.0 <img width="1512" alt="skarmavbild 2017-01-05 kl 17 28 22" src=""> –––––––––––––––––––––
feedback needed
preact-compat: Server side rendering issues [aliases not working]
Hello! Thanks again for making such an amazing little framework. preact-compat has been a dream to work with, and I'm excited to integrate. I've just run into one little issue, that I hope isn't a blocker, because the performance gains are tremendous! 🔥 I'll add as much code as possible, if it's relevant, note that our application runs fine in the browser, where this code isn't executed. S
preact: Adopt a more strict ESLint config
Like ` airbnb` 's `javascript` specification, which makes code easier to maintain
react-styleguidist: Upgrade jss-isolate to v3.0.0
Dependency `jss-isolate@2.0.1` is causing a Yarn warning: ``` warning "jss-isolate@2.0.1" has incorrect peer dependency "jss@^6.0.0". ``` v3.0.0 of `jss-isolate` depends on `jss@^7.0.0`, which should fix the warning. Happy to submit PR if no unintended consequences expected.
Community Responsibility
react-native: onLongPress (and delayLongPress) triggers immediately
For some reason (I have no clue why) `onLongPress` triggers immediately, and onPress doesn't. tested on : android simulator with genymotion (galaxy5) and real galaxy3 device After adding `delayLongPress` i figured out that it's "stealing" 1000ms from the delay, and I guess the default delay is 1000, so it's triggering immediately. for example : ``` javascript <TouchableOpacity
preact: test runner transformation
Another idea that lends itself well to Preact's vnode abstraction is a super easy way to create frontend integration tests. You could have something like this: **index.js:** ``` js const App = module.exports = (props) => { <div class="App"> <button class="login" onClick={onClick}>Click Me!</button> </div> } ``` **test.js:** ``` js // This would walk the vnodes, and build a selector l
Website Make sure each plugin has an example
cc @existentialism everything in ``` {% include package_readme.html %} ``` links to the readme in such as Meaning make sure it has some kind of `in/out` example code + m
docs Create core-packages pages
Babel's core packages: * [x] babel-core * [x] babylon * [ ] babel-traverse * [ ] babel-generator * [x] babel-types (#1009) * [x] babel-register (#1026) * [x] babel-template (#1026) * [x] babel-helpers (#1026) * [x] babel-code-frame (#1026) * [x] Index page All packages might not need a page on the website. Documentations will be prefixed with `/docs/core-packages/`. See #997 f Change favicon for Babel
Currently `6to5` is still the favicon: ![screenshot from 2017-04-13 19-02-51]( Would be good to switch to a more 'Babel' favicon. Logo for Babel is [here](

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